About Us
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About Us

Welcome to The Laser Company

The Laser Company was started by husband and wife team, Gerhard and Shivvon Kachelhoffer. Keen tinkerers, Gerhard and Shivvon bought their first laser cutter and engraver and had been making odds and ends of things for a while before deciding to have a go at making their hobby a business.


Personality & authenticity is everything, it’s what makes us unique and that’s what we inject into our products and services. We craft products that touch people on a personal level, emulate happiness and create excitement. Our products are a personalised gift with thought & character, a simple thank you from the heart or a lasting impression for friends and family for years to come.


Each day is as exciting as the next. We collaborate with our customers in creating the perfect personalised gift which becomes a reflection of their special day. We are constantly on the hunt for new and innovative product ideas and our priority is to always optimise the customer experience.